Reflections On “Creating Online Exhibits With Omeka”

Continuing professional development is an important way to improve our skillsets as information professionals. This August I chose to take part in an online course on the Library Juice Academy platform called “Creating Online Exhibits With Omeka”.

Omeka is a platform for organizing and sharing digital exhibits and collections. It has both paid and free options to meet the needs of any organization or individual.

The course focused on each student setting up a free Omeka site and building an exhibit. Along the way I learned a great deal about metadata, tagging, and creating a cohesive exhibit with a theme and good progression. I will admit, I’ve used Omeka in the past, but this was an excellent refresher that included several handouts that will be very useful in future. I particularly enjoy courses that focus around creating a project so that at the end I have a finished product.

My finished product (although nothing is ever really finished) was an exhibit that focused on a few of the many coffee roasters in the Washington, DC Area. Please enjoy!

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