Thing 19: Podcasts

Podcasts and I have a love/hate relationship. I listen to them infrequently, and can only listen in short bursts. My favorite podcast probably isn’t really what one would normally describe as a podcast, but NPR Now (The NPR new summary) is my favorite way of getting the news. It’s a five minute summary that NPR uploads every hour about what’s just happened in the news. I normally listen to it while eating my breakfast in the morning.

I will plug my favorite Podcast App as well. It’s called Pocket Casts and is has a great user interface. It isn’t free, but it doesn’t have any ads either, which I love. Unfortunately, I think it’s only available on the Google Play store, but that’s really it’s only downside.

As for starting my own podcast, I have definitely thought about it. There definitely need to be more library-focused podcasts out there! However, of course time is an issue. maybe one day…

Note: This post is one in a series of professional development posts for a program called Rudai 23.

Featured Image from Pixabay, CCO License.

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