Reflections On “Creating Online Exhibits With Omeka”

Continuing professional development is an important way to improve our skillsets as information professionals. This August I chose to take part in an online course on the Library Juice Academy platform called "Creating Online Exhibits With Omeka". Omeka is a platform for organizing and sharing digital exhibits and collections. It has both paid and free … Continue reading Reflections On “Creating Online Exhibits With Omeka”


Skim Reading: Screen Distractions Matter

E-books and print books both have their pros and cons and e-ink screens are easier to read on than most digital screens. However, e-books and print books are not really at issue here. The issue is, as the author puts it, innovation that disrupts and diminishes how we read.

Thing 21: Professional Groups

I am indeed a member of a professional organization. The Special Libraries Association is an international organization that has chapters all around the world. Being a member of a professional group definitely has its benefits, like networking, classes, and career opportunities. However, professional groups are a great example of how the information profession is in … Continue reading Thing 21: Professional Groups